Client Testimonials Page

Here you can find recent testimonials left by clients who have come to me for counselling, not all have agreed to share their name but did agree that I could share the feedback they have left me.

"Recommended to family and friends - feel comfortable to definitely have sessions in future if needed" Maira 

"It helped me reflect on a lot of aspects of my issues and where they stemmed from"


"I can't believe how easy it was to talk to you, I shared so much and I didn't think I would do, you really helped me relax and made me feel at ease" Anonnymous

"Adam Is fantastic, someone I felt very comfortable with, I really recommend him for counselling" James

"From the moment I spoke with Adam by a telephone consultation before agreed sessions I felt comfortable and at ease to start counselling and to have the courage to commit. Adam is very professional, caring, friendly and most of all understanding. He has helped me more than I could imagine and I am very thankful for his support and sessions. I strongly recommend Mind2Talk to all who are looking to start counselling. Thank you Adam!" M.Raja

"Wonderful Counsellor, you just got me" Sarah