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Below are various tools that may help with your well-being. They vary from articles and journals to Youtube clips and other videos from different sources. Just click on the picture next to the description and this will open up another page with the relevant site. I will often update this page as well to try and provide you with different things that you may find useful so please pop back and see what's new.

It is also worth remembering that the videos below are only ideas, there are lots of videos online to chose from. You may choose to find your own.

Inspirational Talks

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Scott Geller - The psychology of self-motivation (15 mins long)

Ted Talk video from Scott Geller about the psychology of self motivation. A distinguished professor from the states, Geller as a real knack for delivering a talk - A must watch.

Brene Brown - The power of vulnerability (20 mins long)

This talk is a more scientific look at the power of human connection and how we relate. Brene is a real story teller and incorporates humour into passing on a very real and powerful message. 

(This video does contain some expletive language)

The Telegraph Imag and link

The Telegraph - Living a different life inside (4 :30 mins long)

This short video really grasps what it's like to live with depression. Doug Leddin (27 years old at the time) opens up about living life with depression for 10 years and how he felt he was living two different lives during this time.

Guy Winch Image and link

Guy Winch - Why we all need to practice emotional first aid  (17mins long) 

Ted Talk video by Guy Winch, a really insightful talk on the importance of our emotional well-being. Why should we neglect our minds, after-all we don't do it to our physical body.

Meditation and Mindfullness

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Taos Winds link

Kelsey Patel. Intro To Meditation - 10-Minute Relaxation Meditation

A nice easy introduction to meditation and breathing associated with relaxation. Kelsey has a nice soothing voice to listen to and the guided version here may help you concentrate until you get used to the process of meditation.

The Honest Guys - Guided Mindfulness meditation (10mins long)

This is slightly different to the above video and uses slightly different techniques to help you focus during the meditation. Mindfulness is now a very popular way to de-stress and bring you back to the present when your mind may be busy thinking of a 1001 other things.

Jason Stephenson - Guided Meditation Sleep Talk Down (30 mins long)

This can be a useful tool for people having difficulty drifting off to sleep. The music in this video is a very nice extra to Jason's relaxing voice and can help aid a natural sleep.

Taos Winds Spirit Music - 30 minute meditation music.

This is an unguided and advanced form of meditation for the more experienced meditator, the video here has a strong sound to help focus the mind.

Self-care tips and links

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The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our own mind creates

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NHS - Psychiatist briefly discusses Anxiety

An insight to what anxiety is, what it feels like - it's symptoms and some forms of treatments. An interview with a Consultant Psychiatrist.

 Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks: Alison Sommer (16 mins)

She believes that awareness is the first step to improving problems within mental health care, and will be speaking about anxiety disorders and panic attacks based on her own constantly evolving understanding of her anxiety disorder, OCD. This is a very real experiential look at anxiety. (This video contains some foul language)



Fight Depression: Motivation2Study (15 mins)

An inspirational video outlining various peoples experience and perception of depression whilst giving some very powerful reminders of what can help overcome depression.