Do I really need counselling?

Do I really need counselling?

I don't think it's for me I'm gonna leave it, I definitely don't want other people knowing my business anyway, how embarrassing. A complete stranger sitting there listening to me waffle on about my life, judging me about how stupid I've been spending all that money, how daft I was for not getting out of that relationship when I had the chance, passing judgement on how I deal with my kids, asking questions like "why can't you just get over the death of your mum...she's been dead five years?

These are just some of the reasons why people choose not to seek counselling, and they are very real concerns, particularly for people who know very little about the profession or people who have never experienced positive counselling before. Firstly let me assure you. A good ethical practitioner will never... and that word is not being used inappropriately here - "never" ... a good counsellor will never judge their client on anything. The expectation of clients to feel judged by their counsellor unfortunately falls down to the few practitioners that slip through the net and completely let the profession down, this puts people off altogether. Also, if you have had a bad experience with a counsellor, being judged or inappropriately advised then this can turn you away from counselling indefinitely. This goes along with all professions though,we will come across people in all walks of life doing their daily jobs that, lets face it don't really care too much about what they do or how well they are doing their job. I am pleased to say (in my experience) there are more good, ethical and safe practicing counsellors out there than there are bad ones. But my words here however don't make someone feel any better if they have had that negative experience or are fearful about what other people may say if they find out they're receiving counselling, after-all we should all sort out our own stuff and just get on with it, I mean come on, talking about our feelings...really! what good can that do?

There is only you who knows whether you need to see a professional regarding your mental health. people come to see a counsellor for all different reasons, some more severe and serious than others, but that's our own interpretation. One key thing to remember is that how I may experience the situation could be completely different to you, so who's wrong? Me - you? Both of us? how about none of us? Our own experiencing of situations is down to who we are. We are all unique with our own style and way, built up of our personality and past experiences. These shape who we are and become. So if you feel you are struggling with an event in your life, if it's causing you unwanted stress, anxiety even depression then perhaps it's time to see a professional who can help you.

The power of counselling is massively undervalued and is not appreciated quite the same until you have experienced the effects of positive counselling. The changes you can make in your life are monumental, some people can do this without the help of others - great! some of us can't and there is no harm in saying actually, I do need a hand here, reach out, take that step to getting yourself back up and changing your life, feeling better about yourself and/or your situation. Go and see a counsellor and get yourself back on track, you will learn new things about yourself that really can change your life... if you want them to.

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