Stereotypes In Counselling

What image do we hold of people that choose to seek counselling/therapy. I guess there is even a difference between the two words used...counselling and therapy. Why is that?

Counselling is, in the main frowned upon, we are sometimes judged as being weak or inadequate if we see a counsellor. The old fashioned view that we are supposed to "just get up and get on with it" as being the only way a strong, well grounded person would deal with problems that happen in life. We certainly aren't supposed to lie around feeling sorry for ourselves.

Image of counselling

Does this image come to mind when we think of,or hear about someone seeing a counsellor or having a mental health issue? The stereotypes and labels attached to mental health are what cause so much stigma and judgement when we hear of a friend, colleague, family member or even a neighbour that has decided to get some help. Lets drop the attitude and stigma towards mental health and start to embrace the fact that it's important and something we all need to take care of. we all know what it's like to wake up feeling down, low on energy, no enthusiasm for the day ahead, certainly on a Monday morning, just imagine feeling like that everyday, but a whole lot worse, how would you deal with that? What if one day you decided to get some help? What if your mental health became an issue in your life?

Would it be helpful to experience this

Judging someone attending counselling

Or maybe we could do this...

...congratulate people on choosing to get up and do something about their mental health. Judgement only adds to a persons issues, makes them feel worse, outcast, a failure and stigmatised.

Dealing with and acknowledging your mental health is paramount in being able to live an healthy life. Counselling does help and it takes real courage to take that step of seeking help and support and it can be a very challenging journey. Do something about yours (mental health) today and take that step. Good luck!