I am "Mental Health Issue" - I don't discriminate

I just thought I'd introduce myself. I am "Mental Health Issue" I will be a friend with anyone, I don't care who you are, not one bit - your gender, ethnicity, colour, religion are of no importance to me. Not even your age - Yes that's right I even associate with children. I don't care where you come from, your background, how much money you have - or don't have, I don't care who you know or even if you've be in touch with other issues I know, I don't discriminate against anyone. Like I said we even visit children as well, we associate with anyone and everyone.

I will call in on you when you aren't expecting me, I'm very selfless like that. How long I stay around for...well, who knows? That can be down to you!

Some of us are known more specifically as - "depression", "anxiety", "panic attack" and "anorexia nervosa" and we all keep in touch with "suicide", suicide is a bit of a hanger on really, suicide is with all of us, suicide comes round when people have had enough of us and can't deal with us being around anymore, they start to feel it's their only form of escape from us. There are lots more of us obviously but that's some of us to think about for now.

I hear people discussing us sometimes, talking about us secretively, like they're ashamed of us, strange really considering you people get on at each other for forms of discrimination yet we don't and you have this attitude about us, anyway, word around here is that there is more talking being done...even out in public, it's getting a few of us concerned about our future. Right now, we are able to get anyone because we know they're afraid to do anything about us, they won't seek help due to the stigma attached to someone having us in their lives. I would like to ask what would you do with a friend or say to a friend that was associating with one of us in their lives? would you try to help them or ignore them?

When we come into people's lives the longer we are there unchallenged, without them seeking help the better it is for us, we can really become part of their life this way, in fact we can start to control it. Stopping them getting out of bed, going to work, taking care of themselves and others, we can make them start thinking in a way that isn't accurate - not a true reflection of reality, we really are something else to be honest. I bet you can't make other people think and behave this way! We feed on and get stronger when we feel you are getting weaker, it gives us more power. Sometimes we can get that much of a firm grip on someone's life that often, suicide will call in and make the worst-case scenario happen for them and their loved ones. You really shouldn't ignore us, that can be the difference between life and death.

I'll let you in to a secret of ours, the time we start to get worried is when people that have us in their lives start being pro-active about us, when they make the decision to fight against us, tell someone, a family member or friend can just be the start. It's even worse for us when they visit their GP, or when they visit a Counsellor, Psychologist or Psychiatrist, we know then our days are numbered, but that doesn't stop us trying, we get quite comfortable in people's lives you see so we do all that we can to stay part of it. I hope you don't all start talking about it and telling someone who can help you, we would be lost without you all really, we wouldn't have anywhere to go or visit. Anyway, it's time for me to go I have a lonely young man to see.

Mental Health Issue.


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