World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and although I think it's fantastic to have days like these, to bring it in to our awareness, days that get everyone talking about, and sharing about a particular topic or cause, I just can't help but feel that this is something we should all take a collective responsibility on. Why can't we all do our bit, a little bit more often? Why does it have to be on just one day that we will actively talk about it and acknowledge it? The battle is everyday for some people, it doesn't just appear once a year, lets all be brave and talk mental health and suicide more.

I believe that mental health awareness is slowly moving in the right direction, it's positive, but we still fall way short of where we need to be. The statistics with mental health show us that an alarming number of people are experiencing a mental health related issue right now, it pretty much means we all know someone who has been or is being affected by a mental health issue, We have a duty to take steps in ending the stigma, because until we do, it will always be that thing that no-one wants to say, it will always be that secret that leads us bottling it all up and feeling unable to deal with alone, this can then result in suicidal thoughts, plans, attempts until eventually successful suicide. Suicide rates in the UK are falling which is great news but that doesn't mean the battle is over, mental health related issues are still taboo and there are still far too many suffering alone. Imagine it was you? Imagine it was someone you loved and cared about? It could be! Mental health doesn't discriminate, it can affect any one of us at anytime. It's worth remembering that we all need somebody at some point. Together by sharing statuses, mental health related posts or stories, talking to people, ringing that family member or friend just to show them that you care and are there if they need you, the reality is, it could save someones life.

If you are thinking about taking your own life please try and talk to somebody, you can also call the Samaritans free on 116 123