What is Counselling

You may come to counselling for a number of reasons: as a way of exploring or managing feelings and thoughts, relationship difficulties, trauma, anxiety and depression, a bereavement through the loss of a loved one or just a feeling that you want things to be different in how you are experiencing your life. Nobody understands and experiences their own situation like you, after-all we are all individuals and react differently to what's going on around us.

Does it feel like no matter how many times you tell someone they just don't quite get it? I will do my best to walk in your shoes with you and experience your situation how you experience it. Your situation can feel lonely and isolating, sharing that with someone who does understand can be the first step to moving forward and dealing with what is challenging you. I can incorporate different schools of counselling to then help you work on a plan and move forward with your life. 

Counselling offers you an opportunity to explore your past and present experiences through building a trusting counselling relationship. I work in an Integrative way using theories from different schools of counselling that can incorporate different ways of working. The key aspect here is that with an Integrative approach counselling can be tailored to you the client depending on what suits you and what works best for you.

Counselling can be short term (time-limited therapy) which will involve a short number of sessions such as 6 - 8 sessions, and at other times, the therapy may involve working for longer in order for you to make more deep rooted changes in yourself or your life, this is usually termed as "open-ended" therapy which means counselling can carry on for as long as we both feel necessary.

​There are many types of counselling and psychotherapy and each therapist will work in their own individual way. For me, it is important to work in a collaborative way and I value the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor as being an integral part of the counselling process. This means counselling will be very relational and I will always be 100% present with you in the room and fully attuned to your needs at that time. The understanding in counselling is that current issues may be a cause of something going on for you now or your previous experiences. In practice this means a balance of focus between the things brought from your life and past experiences, together with what is happening in the present moment, to help you understand what it is going on and bring some clarity to your life, this can massively help with decision making and your outlook on life. 

Counselling helps you build confidence and your self-esteem, it empowers you to make decisions for yourself, and not decisions based on other people and what they would like or expect you to do.

I do offer a free - no obligation, 30 minute consultation which can be done either face to face at my therapy room, or over the telephone. There we can discuss your reason[s] for seeking counselling and it also gives you an opportunity to assess whether you think you would like to come to me for your counselling sessions. This is very important, because the last thing you want is to be sat opposite someone you feel uncomfortable with, so this is very helpful in allowing you to make an informed decision. 

The individual therapy sessions (face to face) will be held in a safe and confidential environment. The sessions will be held at my therapy room located on Broadway in Chadderton, Oldham.